Ramblings of a Ex New Look Shopper.

I don’t make it a habit of mine of taking back clothes to the shop, but, once in a while something goes wrong and I have to take a lovely piece, that I have just spent quite a bit of money on, back. 

I had bought on Sunday this really nice coat from Peacocks. It was long enough to cover my hips and keep my ovaries warm, a beautiful deep red and had a furry hood which has always been a like of mine. I got ready for college, got on my bus, sat down and then RIP! The zip detached from the fabric! I was so disappointed. I had spent £30 on the jacket and was determined to go in the next day and return it. As it was a sale item i was expecting to have to either exchange the item or be given a cedit note. (Which is done at New Look.) But, no, happily I returned the SALE item for a COMPLETE refund! 

 At New Look I was told that SALE items were only an exchange or credit note. NOT a FULL REFUND! But, if Peacocks do not have this policy surely there is something wrong there. So, I did some research and found that the SALES OF GOODS ACT states that “If you buy something that is faulty, regardless of whether you bought it in a sale, you have the right to return it under the SALES OF GOODS ACT.” (Which? Consumer Rights) 

Sale and non sale items must be:

  • as described
  • of satisfactory quality
  • fit for purpose

AND!!!! “you have the right to claim for  refund, replacement or repair if sale goods are faulty. A retailer cannot try to limit this right in sales.” (Which? Consumer Rights)

Only downfall is that you must return the item within three to four weeks or in New Looks case: 28 days. 

I will leave an URL to the website below so you can check your rights. Always check, it can save you money! Personally, I stay away from New Look now and shop at other stores I know will treat me with respect and the rights we all deserve. 



New: My Blog and Me.

After much consideration I have decided to take my tutors advice and start a blog. I had sat there anxiously as she gave me my feedback from my most recent English essay. I had shaken off my annoyance at her admission that she did not believe the essay had been my own work at first! But then she had smiled and said my work was great and that I had a talent. She soon said “Have you ever thought about starting a blog?” I had never really thought about it before. What would I write? What would I talk about? I guess as this is my first post I should start with me.

My name is Aimee, I’m 24, I live with my partner and I work part time at a bar and study at college through the week. My upbringing was pretty good, my parents are loving individuals and I wouldn’t have them any other way. We’ve had our up and downs but what family hasn’t! My brother’s autistic and it’s been hard over the years. When we were young we were both bullied and even though I had a family who loved me I still felt alone. 

Anyway, enough with the depressing stuff!! 

I have loved writing as far back as I can remember. Reading and writing have always resonated with me and that is what fuels my determination to study Literature at Leeds University next year. Whether I get to study at Leeds University next year will be miracle. Happily! I have an interview there in March and I am papping myself! The library is enormous and the best in the UK! Once my three years of studying are over I want to either work with historians to restore old manuscripts and texts or become a writer in some way, shape or form. Maybe a novelist or journalist….only time will tell! 

Future Blog Ideas

I’m still trying to decide what exactly to put into my blog. It might be a bit of all sorts. Events that happen, film reviews or book reviews! If I see, read or watch something I will share it with you! 

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read my first blog! It means a lot that someone would care enough to take five minutes for me. Just a simple student living in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.