I’ve done it!!

I’ve done it! I’ve published my first book! It’s available to download on Amazon Kindle, ‘A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry’ by Aimee Shepherd!

Nothing fancy like a movie right worthy novel of the year, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’m writing what I enjoy and publishing work that I am proud of, nothing less. 

I am aiming for a novel some day, but for now I’m letting the ideas flow into my notebook ready to be collected into my next adventure! 


New beginnings…

Well, it’s 2016! Alot has happened over the past year that I’ve been away. I’ve changed jobs, I’ve bought a tumble dryer and decided to write a book! 😊 

Now, I’m working as a Care Assistant in a care home working with Dementia residents. Once I have my NVQ 2 I can apply for the NHS which gives me a lot more choice in where I want to be career wise. 

My tumble dryers a god send! I don’t know how I lived without it! You just pop your clothes in and off it goes! When they come out they’re warm, not crinkled and still smell lush! 

At the moment I am still figuring out where to go with my book. Do I write a novel or write a collection of short stories and poems? Aiming for a Edgar Allen Poe feel? Decisions, decisions! 

I’m sure it’ll work out alright in the end! That’s what I’m aiming for, positivity in all things. Work, life and my writing because life is too short to be anything else but happy. Working in a care home has opened my eyes to the fact that LIFE IS SHORT! If you want that piece of chocolate-have it! If you want to change your life – do it! If you don’t – don’t! Aslong as your happy and everyone you love is happy, why the hell not I say! 

Go on that holiday you keep talking about but never do! Aslong as you have the funds, why not! 

Be happy!