Inconsiderate Neighbours!! 

Well, it’s been 2 years since we moved into our flat. We work hard to pay the bills and feel that we keep to ourselves and don’t cause any bother to the neighbours.Few weeks ago we got a new neighbour and everything seemed to be going fine until one Friday night I come home from work and smell weed really strongly coming from their flat….Okay. Maybe it’s a one off. Nothing to worry about. Then as the weeks go by every Friday and Saturday night the stench of weed leaks through under our door and flows up through our home. Stinking the place out. We call the lettings agency and they come out to check out the neighbour. But, they are required to let the occupants know when they are popping in. So, I’m minding my own business, I’m doing some shopping and begin to walk over the road to head home. Sat outside is an agency company car. I go inside and walk to my front door. Air freshner attacking my nose!


Couple of days later we get a call from the agency. They didn’t find anything inside the property and could not smell anything. Obviously they had been warned before hand, hid the pot and blasted the air freshner like a mad man gone wild! Why are people so dumb! It was so obvious! 

Currently, I am reading in bed and can smell the sickly smell. Maybe I should move home? But we’re settled and happy. Plus, we were here first. I guess sometimes life just sucks! 😞 



Hello peeps!! 😄 

Recently I published my first book and I wanted to talk about my progress for my next one. I have some exciting ideas down on paper and so far I have a few pages done. At the moment I am trying to decide whether it should be one book or split into smaller books over a series. A series would be fantastic but if the plot and characters’ decide differently, as I go along, I think it would just be one. Decisions, decisions! I shall go with the flow. 

So far I’m happy with where my plot is going and what adventures await ahead. Whether there will be battles galore or just one is still a mystery to me. I will let my characters decide. After all evil is always lurking! 

Wish me luck! 👍 

Love Yourself (Poem)

Trapped, cold and restless,Darkness clouding my vision,

Fear, harsh and unfeeling,

Destroying the remnants of my remaining hope,
The smell quivering my senses,

Smoke swirling in a vortex of nothing,

My body damp with sweat,

As the haunting yellow of fire blazes,

The smell of scorched flesh attacks my nose,

Swirling beautifully in its heated glow,
Never again such pain will I allow,

to take grasp of my innocent soul,
I was warned of the scorching of flesh,

and the pain of scorn,

The piercing stab of love at first sight,

and the all engulfing swarm.
The swarm of heat that enfolds you,

in its clutches like fire,

that burns, hurts and beats you down.

Like a depressed dog at the pound.
The fire wraps your hand in his,

desperate to fulfil its needs,

Until you decide, that somehow, your free! 
Don’t fret say’s me. For you will see.

That one day soon you’ll realise,

that the fool was he.

The fire burns bright, I know,

and promises the heated glow.
But theres no longer a glow, 

where one was before,

The fire, trying to turn your glow to stone.

Take care little glow, take heed. 

Don’t let the fire extinguish thee,

Love comes and goes,

is a game of give and take.

Don’t make the same mistakes.
Take care of yourself,

Love yourself.


Achoooo!!! Oh, no!

Well, I’ve caught the lurgy…here comes the coughing, the spluttering and aloe vera balmed tissues. Endless nights of tossing and turning because I snore like mad when I’m ill, and the feller likes to jab me in the ribs because of it.It doesn’t help that I work in an 28 degree environment. (Care Homes are damn boiling!) Diseases and germs love it!

So, I’ve spent three days with headaches, runny and blocked nose and spent money on so many bloody tissues and been at work at the same time. My patience really wears thin when I’m ill. Not the best place to work when I could cry at your feet in frustration no one understands, or can hear, my croaky frog voice!


Anyway, I’m trying out the blackcurrent powders max cold and flu from poundworld. So far, so good. They appear to be taking the edge off for a few hours. My only complaint is that they only put five in a box which is only a day worth amount!

If you only had a quid spare till payday you’d be screwed. But I guess you could use the old ‘shove your head over a bowl’ technique. For me this method brings me out in spots. Good in a way but bad if your going out the next night. You’d have a massive yellow head on your face and it’s not a good look.

Enough rambling!! Thanks for reading todays entry!

Makeup Nightmares!! 

I’ve always been bad at make up. Even after a million youtube tutorials I’m still crap. Yes, controuring looks good but my knowledge consists of 1 brush, a million pink, beige and red lipsticks and eyeshadows the colour of turquoise and nude colours. Turquoise for going out and nude for staying in. 

You see, I’m more of a book and video games kind of girl so when it comes to the next big fantasy novel. (In my opinion is Cassandra Claires Lady Midnight!) or the video game of the month that I’m playing like crazy (The Division on PS4) I’m your gal! 

Make up, even though I enjoy buying it and using it, is a bit of a vast abyss of chaos to me. 

Brushes for this, pallats for that! Endless amounts of brands, colours and confusion! 

You go into a shop and ask for help and the lady is like, you need this for that and you need this brush to apply it or a beauty blender! I’m like huh? You need what to apply what? 

But, I’m getting there! I am now the proud owner of a contour pallet and a bunch of different brushes which I probably am using all wrong!

But, I’m trying and that’s the main thing!