Happy Birthday Baby Bro!! 

Just want to say a Happy 24th Birthday to the best baby bro in the world! Hope you’ve had a brilliant day! 

Aimee x ❤️


Bates Motel Season 4 Review! (Spoiler Free)

One word: Wow. I have just finished season four of Bates Motel and I am in awe. The acting is wonderful, the story well paced and filled with twists and turns! The plot is just so vibrantly filled with different issues of the characters! You have Norman whose battling his issues, then Norma whose got her own but they mix with her sons and it’s almost like an explosion of pain and suffering for them both. 

I must admit this season has been the most intense! There’s something going on with one character then something going on with another and they need help from the other, then they battle through it together! Such loyalty! 

It’s really hard to explain how I feel about the show without giving anything away! Positive or negative feelings about anything in particular I have to keep to myself or I will ruin it! I don’t want to ruin it! 😫

Watch it! I’m enjoying it so much and can not wait for next year! I have Vikings and Game of Thrones to keep me busy, but it’s not the same! I want Norman!! And Dylan!!….and Emma! I love Emma!! See! It even drives you a bit psycho just waiting! Ughhhh!!! 

Happy Watching! ❤️

My Favourite Books EVER! (Spoiler Free!) 

This is my list of my favourite books, Ever! By my photo you can see that I am a huge Sherrilyn Kenyon fan! I am obsessed! I have also got the complete collection of her work on Kindle as well. Just in case I want to read in the dark 😋

So, my first book on the list will be a Sherrilyn Kenyon book 😋

  1. Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon – This is no doubt one of my favourites! I could easily put her entire work on my list but it’d be long and I like variation in my blog.
  2. Normal by Graeme Cameron – This is one of the strangest books in my collection. The main character is the murderer and I actually found myself loving him! I love Normal! Such a good book! I recommend it!
  3. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick – The entire series had me in a trance and I could NOT put this book down! If you love The Mortal Instruments series try this book!
  4. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire – I must admit I haven’t been a fan of the Mortal Instruments but her other series is fantastic! I love the time period, location and the characters are lovable!
  5. Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens – Of course good old Chevy would be on here! The first book, her debut, had me fixed to each page and sat on the edge of my seat! For more Chevy Stevens information check out my review!
  6. True Blood by Charlaine Harris – I read the book before I watched the series and I love both! I don’t know how I’ve survived without my True Blood fix each week! But I tell myself, ‘You have the books! Re-read them!’ So, I might just do that!
  7. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell – I know! This book is a little light for me, who loves gore and all things mystical and creepy. Truth is I have a secret…I LOVE period dramas! On the TV and in Literature! Especially soppy love stories! This definately a fave! I fell in love with Mr Thornton! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Read it and you’ll see what I mean.
  8. Pride and Predjudice by Jane Austen – Another soppy romance! Can’t help myself! What can I say I’m a romantic!
  9. Tempted by the Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham – Okay, yes, it’s a Mills and Boon! But I like it! Loads of romance, action and men in kilts! Gets a womans heart fluttering!
  10. Zomb-B by Darren Shan – I really enjoy these books! I read the first one and loved it, so when I saw the next two in The Works I got them! They are waiting to be read, sitting patiently on my book shelf for their turn! If your new to zombie horror have a read of these!

All these books are worth reading and loving! They opened new genres for me and allowed me to explore my taste in books. Which is quite varied! I didn’t realise I loved period dramas until I read North and South! I never knew my love of mythology would lead me to Sherrilyn Kenyon! The amount of writers and books in the world is so vast that you should make the time to explore! Explore and experience!

As always thank you for your support! ❤️ Happy Reading!

Aimee X

My VERY Late May TBR List!! 

Okay, so I’ve had a rough month. I’ve been busy at work, been going through some strange stuff emotionally and my home life has been a bit like a kamizaze. So, unfortunately, my reading has taken a step back! I haven’t bought many books this month either, which cuts my list short. June! June will be, I’m hoping, a better month for me. Reading wise and personally. June will be MY month!! 😀

I have a goal to read two books. Just take baby steps as I get through my reading slump. Once those two books are done I can start another. 

  • #1 Lady Midnight- as you know (if you read my review) I only read about half of this as it seemed to just be a repeat of the first. I was a little disappointed. But I shall read you book! I will!! At some point!
  • #2 A Court of Thorns and Roses- I am currently reading this book and is one of my goal books of the month.
  • #3 Outlander- This is another of my goal books. It shall be read, I’m determined! 
  • #4 That Night by Chevy Stevens- can’t wait for this one! On Kindle! I can sit in tje dark, muwahahaha! 
  • #5 Those Girls by Chevy Stevens- I know another Chevy! 😒 But what can I say I love her! After this one and #4 I will be up to date! Yay! 

These are my books of the month and hopfully next month I won’t have the same ones! ‘Sigh’ I really need to read more! Slump be gone! 

Thank you for all the support! I love blogging and been able to share my passion with you! 👍😊


Chevy Stevens Review!!  

My first book that I read of Chevy Stevens was Never Knowing and it blew me away. It was my first crime novel and now Chevy is my Crime Goddess! The plots are fantastic, the characters deep and lovable and very realistic. Even the psychos are lovable! 

I currently own three paperbacks and three e-books on kindle (which I still have to read. I can’t wait to get stuck into these! AND being on kindle I can lay in bed in the dark!) 

The writing is lovely, upbeat and quick paced just enough to keep you hooked without ruining little twists as the plot unfolds. 

If you’re a beginner to crime I really recommend starting with Chevy Stevens! 👍 

The only criticism I would make is that the books are rather thick, but if you stick with them you won’t regret it. 

Netflix Orginal Series: Scream!! Season 2!! 

OMG!! Season two is almost here and I couldn’t be happier! I have always had love in my heart for Wes Craven’s: Scream trilogy. Sydney and Dooey are my all time favourite characters! 

Unfortunately, no, it’s not the orginal cast in the series. But, they have a cast of upbeat teens, ready to be slaughtered! Goody! 😊 

I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet, but it’s a little bit like the movies. You follow a young girl trying to keep herself, and her friends alive, while a lunatic runs around with a mask and a VERY sharp knife!  

Seems….predictable, yeah. But isn’t that the charm of horror movies! You can have a lunatic running around with a knife and a voice alter device AND you can have a lunatic in a mask made of skin running around with a chainsaw! Horror may be predictable but aren’t all movies in some way? In romantic comedies you know that the guy will get the girl in the end! It’s a happy movie! Of course it will have a happy ending! Look at PS I love you and The Vow. Yes, he died and yes she loses her memories! But, they also find other ways of being happy! It’s predictable but how the movie progresses and the characters develop is what we love to watch! The ending is just the cherry on top of the cake! 

Scream Season 2 is out on Tuesday and I can’t wait to make my popcorn and pop my feet up! I will pop a link down below to the trailer for both seasons!

Happy Watching!! 👍

Scream Season One:

Scream Season Two: (If you haven’t seen the first season don’t watch this trailer! BIG spoiler alert!) https://youtu.be/JC08SL7r9rs