My Digital Abstract Art!!! 

This is my first attempts at digital painting! ☺️ I used Artrage on my iPad and experimented with colours and shading, using the digital equivilant to oil paints. 

I suppose they represent my emotions over the past few weeks. I researched abstract art and discovered that it could represent anything- even emotions. The art itself doesn’t have to make sense. It just comes from the heart!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 


Diary of the Dead Review! (Spoiler Free)

This movie is not the best movie in the world. But, for sitting in your ‘jammies’ with your girlfriends, or better half, with a bottle of wine and some munchies it’s pretty good. 🍷🍿🍾

Diary of the Dead is one of those films that, after a few drinks, will make you feel as though you are in the action. It’s set in a first person perspective which draws you in and makes you feel like you are actually IN the movie. Movies such as; Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Entity and Area 51, have become a major hit with horror fans! The Gallows was another movie created in the first person style and movies like this have exploded in popularity! 

I understand the obsession, it really drags you into the heart of the action as a key character in the movie! I really love the style of these types of movies and can’t resist watching if I come across one! 😋

The movie itself is nothing special. It’s filled with cliches and wailing women as well as stereotypical men and a couple of the characters are annoying. 

But!! I enjoyed it! I must have seen it at least five times and it never gets old! I sometimes even discover something new that I missed before. 

My advice is: always watch a movie and make your own mind up about it. Don’t write a movie off because someone’s given it a bad review. 

Happy Watching! ❤️

Aimee X

Civil War Review! (Spoiler Free)

Well! I have finally taken the plunge and watched the movie. I wasn’t so sure about it at first. As I have said in a past post I didn’t have much hope for it. All the super heroes seem to be falling out amongst themselves and killing mortals. 💀

I’m a little dissapointed if I’m honest. It began quite promising then slowly slipped and fell on its face somewhere in the middle, then got up and brushed itself off at the end. I was entertained! I’m not denying that! I sat all the way through it and there were loads of action and moments where I was like, ‘No!’ 😯

On the other hand there were also moments of me tutting and huffing as cliches popped up now and then. 😴

If you’re a die hard comic fan you probably wouldn’t care about these little things. To be honest I’m a huge fan of all things Marvel and DC!! Always have been! Maybe it’s just all the fighting amongst themselves instead of doing what they should be doing! Saving man kind! I find it annoying and repetitive after watching Batman VS Superman. 

Can’t we just get along and group together to take down another archnemesis!!??? 🤘 

Happy Watching! ❤️

Aimee X 

StoneHearst Asylum! Review! 

Okay, so I’m a huge lover of Edgar Allan Poe. His writing gives me the chills! 

This film, even though I enjoyed it, I found it a little deflating. I won’t spoil it for people who hasn’t seen it. But, it reminded me a little bit of Shutter Island. (Such a good movie! Do watch!) 

We have a gentleman who arrives to work at the Asylum and becomes ‘intrigued’ by Kate Beckinsale’s character. Without giving away too much: the walls have ears and nothing is as it seems. 

I enjoyed the plot, it was filled with suspense and drama. The acting was a little wooden in places, but it’s a good plot so it didn’t bother me that much. Aslong as there’s a good story and it keeps me on the edge of my seat I’m not bothered! 

Out of 10 I’d give it a 7! Good story, likable characters! But wooden acting and a little predictable in places. 

Happy Watching! ❤️

Aimee X

Airwick: Life Scents Review! 

I can’t believe it’s June already! The sun is actually shining today, in the UK! Hope everyone’s well and enjoying their day so far! 👍

I recently bought a wax melter gizmo from Morrisons and I’m really liking it. It came with some wax bars and you put it into the little bowl, place it on the heater slab thing and press a button and away it melts! Smells really nice! 😋 It’s an Airwick product and the bar I’m currently melting is the purple one. It says on the box that the fragrance is a mix of three: White Flowers, Melon and Vanilla. Smells really good! 😍

They had another one in stock, which was called ‘Mums Baking’. I think it said that the fragrance was a mix of pear, cinnamon and something else….I can’t remember. Sorry! My brain! 😱 

I got mine for £10 and I think it’s worth it! I’m really enjoying it and the smell is strong enough to fill your home but is delicate enough on your nose that it doesn’t choke you to death. 👍 Super! 

I have a Yankee candle, which I love, but it’s not as strong as the wax melter. It doesn’t fill the room as much with scent. The wax melter is electric (safer), cheaper and the bars of wax are about a fiver each. But when you first buy your melter you get three pieces of the wax with it. It’s cheaper over all. I’ve seen Yankee candles being sold for £30 before now. 

I’d try it and see what you think. I’m liking mine so far. 

Happy Shopping! ❤️

Aimee X