New Gallery Entries!


I have started putting my photography into sections. They were getting mixed up and I thought it would look a lot neater if I put them into the menu instead of them being all over the shop! 

I’m thinking about doing that for my drawings and other art as well. I’m not sure just yet, still thinking it over. 

Let me know what you think about my photography any advice would be brilliant! : D 

Don’t be shy! 

Aimee X


Update on life! 

At the moment I am going through a lot, I have mentioned the difficulties I am having at the moment with my depression. But, I am getting there and getting out and about is helping a lot. I have decided to take back my life and taken action! 

I have been accepted into university and I am SO excited to start in September, I can’t wait! I know it will be hard work and some times stressful but I feel that I can cope with it. As long as I have a brilliant support network and ask for help when I need it instead of holding back and suffering in silence. (Which is the worst thing that you can do) 

I am feeling so much more positive and feel like it’s the path I was meant to go down. Don’t let anyone, or anything, hold you back. 

I am now creating my own music and uploading it to youtube and I am still deciding whether to upload videos, vlogs, too??! What do you think? I am also still debating whether to start a podcast. I think the problem I am having is deciding what to talk about? Would anyone bother to listen? But, I think once I’ve decided what to talk about, if I do it for FUN then it doesn’t matter, right? We will see. Let me know though if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback. 

Aimee X

A Quick Thank you!!!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the love and support from you all, since I started this blog. I began my blog thinking that I would just pop on my thoughts and that would be that. But, I have had more response than I thought and I want to say THANK YOU for that. It makes me happy to see that my blogs and photography is appreciated. 

Thank you so much to my followers and to the people who take the time to look at my blog!! It is appreciated so much!!! 

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!! Get outside and do some Pokemon hunting!! (Lol) 

Aimee X

Trip to the Yorkshire Show!!

Every year, in the summer, people from all over come together to enjoy the indulgences of a variety of foods, drink and shopping. More than 100 stalls were lined up about the grounds. They offered items, such as; clothing, art, food, toys, equestrian goods and even caravan holiday homes.

Inside, in the cool area, the stalls continued. The stalls were full of different types of foods from all over Britain: cheeses, ales, beers, whiskey, gin, chocolate, meat, pies, fruit, vegetables and more! 

As well as food and shops there were a variety of shows scattered about the grounds, such as; dog, sheep, cattle, bird shows and hunting demonstrations (not with live animals!) 

Live music blasts your ears full of jazz, orchestral and choir. If you decided to spoil yourself in the ‘Black Sheep Bar’ live bands play and rattle your senses with an earthquake of beats. 

Horse jumping and showing was very popular and a large crowd had gathered to appreciate the magnificent stallions that had been brought. Shetland ponys were raced around a small holding to demonstrate the animals movement, posture, muscle mass and elegance. 

We sat and watched a couple of shows, the first was the hunting demonstration, (I repeat no live animals!)  The gentlemen began to explain, in detail, what to wear and what weapons would be ideal for hunting which animal. 

He suggested that deer have brilliant peripheral postion, and when hunting one if you make a noise to pause until the animal begins to graze again. Using sticks he created a ‘Y’ shape, this would be used to lean his rifle on and to keep it steady. Once he had gone on to explain the stalking and killing technique he said that it is more humane to wait ten minutes so the animal dies peacefully in the ‘prone position’ (laying down). 


Later on in the day we watched an eagle demonstration a little further down from where we watched the hunting demonstration. He explained that he was waving his hand to alert the eagle that he was ready for him to fly off. He also mention that it was all about trust, the eagle needed to trust that he would catch him when it flew down to land. Unfortunately before the animal flew, it decided to take ten minutes to relieve itself…..apparently Eagles will not fly when they require the bathroom. You learn something new every day! 

When the bird did take off, it flew so quickly over our heads I didn’t manage to take a picture!

There were so much to see! We didn’t get the chance to see every single thing! These are just a few of the shows and sights that we came across. We saw a ferreting demonstration but unfortunately I didn’t get any photographs, I was too busy listening. Sh! 

Towards the end of the day we went to the dog show! They were so adorable, all the small terriers getting judged for their muscle mass and short coats! A couple of feisty ones caused a little bit of a stir, but overall they were all well behaved. There were lots of ‘aw’ as each one took their turn in the spotlight!

I really loved it! The atmosphere, the shows, the stalls! Everything was so vibrant and alive! The amount of people that went to the Yorkshire Show was out of this world! They came from all over the world. There were Americans, Irish, Scottish, all kinds of people! Everyone was friendly and the staff couldn’t help you enough. 

I really recommend that you should go. It’s exciting, the activity and the atmosphere is immense and the shows are informative and interesting. For kids too! They get the kids involved in the shows, giving them a more personal experience. 

If your on the fence about going next year, don’t be! Just go! You will not regret it!