Filming Day with Slate and John Lewis!

09.30am Train

So, I’m on my way to filming! We’re doing a University project for Slate Charity Group, who help people with special needs into work! They contacted us saying that they are wanting a film made about their organisation and what they do! 

We gathered together and made sure that we knew what we were doing at the local coffee shop. We decided what equipment we need and what questions to ask. 

At the moment I’m feeling a bit anxious as I’ve been nominated to be on film interviewing a staff member at John Lewis. I guess you can say I’m feeling the pressure. I have so much uni work to do and it’s all becoming a little overwhelming! 

But, just today and next Tuesday and I’m done for Christmas for 3 whole weeks! Yay!! 



Hated the filming! There isn’t much I can say about our day other than that. 

The people were rude and our teacher was rude and talked down to us like children. 

I enjoyed the filming bit but the rest of our day was ruined by inconsiderate people.


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