My new video!

My new wisdom wednesday video is now up! Bit late I know! 😞 just been so busy!!!

New Video!! Click on me!


New, Wisdom Wednesday Video!

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday is all about relationships. Wisdom Wednesday videos are when I take time out of my day to discuss issues such as; family and education, to share my own experiences. I hope these videos help those that need some advice and make those in need feel less alone.

Update on life! 

At the moment I am going through a lot, I have mentioned the difficulties I am having at the moment with my depression. But, I am getting there and getting out and about is helping a lot. I have decided to take back my life and taken action! 

I have been accepted into university and I am SO excited to start in September, I can’t wait! I know it will be hard work and some times stressful but I feel that I can cope with it. As long as I have a brilliant support network and ask for help when I need it instead of holding back and suffering in silence. (Which is the worst thing that you can do) 

I am feeling so much more positive and feel like it’s the path I was meant to go down. Don’t let anyone, or anything, hold you back. 

I am now creating my own music and uploading it to youtube and I am still deciding whether to upload videos, vlogs, too??! What do you think? I am also still debating whether to start a podcast. I think the problem I am having is deciding what to talk about? Would anyone bother to listen? But, I think once I’ve decided what to talk about, if I do it for FUN then it doesn’t matter, right? We will see. Let me know though if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear your ideas and feedback. 

Aimee X