University Journal Week 2

Week 2-Task 2 (Portraits)
This weeks task was to go out into the public and take a photo of someone at work. I walked around for ages trying to find someone I felt approachable to ask for a snap.
Seeing a lady behind a counter with a sparkly top I decided to go into the card shop. I daudled for a while trying to build up courage to ask her permission. I looked at some cards while telling myself to stop being daft and just do it!

So, I got in the que and waited…and waited. Once at the front I told her who I was, what I was doing and why. Happily, she gave me permission but said that she didn’t feel comfortable looking at the camera. I smiled and said that it was fine and to do whatever she felt comfortable with. She posed for me, pretending to do paperwork, and I quickly took a snap. Once happy I left, thanking her and shoeing her the image to see if she was happy as well.

It felt good to be out of my comfort zone afterwards, but I felt a little awkward during.
The picture I took got some good feedback. I made the image black and white and took it in portrait. My tutor gave me some comments to think about, mostly about confidence and taking more than one picture. My fellow students enjoyed the environment and suggested that it was very homely.

I was happy with the comments and will keep working on my confidence and camera skills.